The Maltese Civil Code (Cap 16) provides us with that part of the legal system which serves to regulate the relationships between the various members of society. By way of example, property law, the law of contracts, the law of tort, and the law of obligations, are all areas dealt with under this field that allow for individuals day-to-day interactions.

Our partners and associates at City Legal represent clients with issues relating to ownership of their properties and residences, claims for damages and other civil law disputes including litigation. We regularly advise and assist with:

  • The formalities involved when purchasing or selling a property – including negotiating and drafting the relative promise of sale agreements (“konvenju” in Maltese) and the corresponding deeds of sale
  • Negotiating and drafting lease agreements
  • Succession planning and assisting with issues relating to and/or resulting from inheritances, including joint ownership
  • Claims relating to evictions from properties
  • Claims relating to damages suffered, be they a consequence of an accident or the result of an agreement not honoured, amongst other scenarios

We are equipped to assist you with professional advice based also on experience and in a manner that gives you the peace of mind required in these circumstances and the assurance that your needs are dealt with in a timely manner by accessible lawyers.