Criminal Law is a system of laws that serves to provide for the punishment and rehabilitation of individuals who commit a criminal offence.

The legal principle “Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat”, Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses not”, very simply explains that being ignorant of the law shall serve as no excuse to justify one’s wrongdoing, be it something as straight forward as the abuse of minors and drink-driving or something not as obvious as would be skinny-dipping and certain instances of harassment.

Offenders and victims of criminal offences have a right to be fairly represented and assisted at proceedings instituted before the various courts of criminal jurisdiction. Partners and associates at City legal can represent you throughout the judicial process, even prior to the relative proceedings, ensuring justice takes its course.

Traffic accidents, domestic violence, failure to follow provisions providing for the payment of maintenance to a former spouse, failure to comply with directives and regulations, economic crime including anti-money laundering and financial fraud, directors responsibilities, and substance abuse, are amongst the criminal law issues we deal with.

Compensation to victims for damages suffered as a consequence of a criminal act could sometimes be an option to be considered and discussed.