Employment in Malta is regulated through the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (Cap 452) and furthermore through a robust framework of subsidiary legislation providing for the rights and obligations of both the employers and the employees.

The Act and its subsidiary legislation govern an array of issues, including conditions of employment at the work and discrimination at the workplace. Employment contracts are allowed in different forms and are such that allow for provisions to reflect the needs of different sectors of employment and the corresponding interests of the relative employees.

At City Legal we may assist our clients with:

  • The drafting of template contracts of employment.
  • The negotiating and drafting of more specialised contracts of employments.
  • Representation in negotiations leading to collective agreements being reached.
  • The drafting of policies aimed at organising employees.
  • Applications required for third-country nationals to engage in employment.
  • Assisting in resolving disputes amicably or through a process of litigation with proceeding being heard before the Industrial Tribunal.