Very relevant to this area of practice is the emotional aspect of the engagement which we appreciate is very natural to persons coming to terms with a separation, and going through separation proceedings, or dealing with a divorce or an annulment. Same goes for parents rights to have care and custody arrangements allowing them to have reasonable access to their minor children and a fair amount for maintenance agreed to.

The personal relationship City Legal’s partners and associates build with our clients allow for a better understanding of the circumstances of the case which in turn allows us to deal with the negotiations involved in a much better way in the best interest of the client. In the interest of our clients, we always aim to follow the compulsory mediation proceedings which a couple must attend to when separating with a view towards reaching an amicable agreement. We nonetheless represent our clients with court proceedings, when mediation fails.

Deeds of separation also provide for the continued relationship between the former spouses, amongst other issues providing for the termination of the community of acquests existing between the parties (whenever this applies), and for the care and custody of minor children including maintenance payable.

Following the 2011 amendments to the Civil Code Malta now allows for divorce.

Other Family Law related areas we are able to assist you in include adoption and adoption-related matters, drafting of prenuptial agreements, obtaining court orders, and dealing with having paternity acknowledged.