Insolvency and personal bankruptcy scenarios trigger a myriad of legal issues principally revolving around the
rights and obligations of stakeholders, such as creditors and liquidators, in the context of the insolvent company
or bankrupt trader. Various complex procedures come to the fore, including, in the main, the ranking of creditors,
the formalities involved in the winding-up process, as well as compliance with the relevant regulatory
requirements that work to protect the interests of all interested parties.

We may advise on the various formalities involved in the dissolution procedure, and can also assist with the
restructuring and corporate recovery solutions that our clients may be able to avail themselves of in advance of
liquidation. City Legal may provide legal support to liquidators during all stages of the winding up process. Our
lawyers may also represent you in third party liquidation proceedings, and provide assistance with both non-
contentious and contentious matters in the insolvency and bankruptcy contexts.