Set against the backdrop of today’s competitive, knowledge-driven world, developments in the fields of science, technology, art and culture have fast led to the widespread recognition of Intellectual Property (IP) as a valuable asset. Innovators and businesses harness IP in their day-to-day activities, and this throughout the initial generation of concepts, marketing, as well as, ultimately, the production of the tangible, inclusive of artistic, literary and musical works. In the same manner as other forms of property, IP is attributed legal protection against unlawful use and infringement by third parties. The protection of intellectual capital, as well as the enforcement of IP rights – including, amongst others, trademarks, designs, patents and copyright – has, in fact, come to underpin the promotion of fair competition and the enhancement of industrial growth.

In the IP segment, City Legal has throughout the years provided a holistic approach to clients deriving from a variety of sectors. Assistance in registration, maintenance and protection of IP, as well as assistance in the enforcement of IP rights, may be adapted to the needs of each individual client. We may also provide advice in the context of both non-contentious and contentious IP-related matters.