City Legal’s corporate team applies an interdisciplinary approach to cover every aspect of the relevant local or
cross-border M&A transaction. Our lawyers provide thorough advice on and assistance with negotiations,
accompanying our client (whether bidder, seller or M&A ‘Target’) throughout the various stages of the transaction
in question, the formulation of any Memoranda of Understanding that may be desired by the parties at the outset,
corporate structuring and, if necessary, restructuring, liaising with the relevant Regulators in the case of any M&A
transaction involving a licensed entity, as well as the drafting of the necessary documentation forming part of the
transaction, with a key focus on the share transfer agreement.

We also understand that during any M&A transaction, due regard must be paid to the due diligence process. This
will serve to identify any potential risks which a buyer may be facing in the relevant transaction. City Legal will
walk you through the due diligence process, which may be customised to suit your needs as well as the
relationship you may have with the transaction counterparties. We will provide our client with a comprehensive
due diligence report that seeks to set out the transaction’s potential pitfalls, if any, while also suggesting manners
in which these may be addressed.

Our holistic expertise in corporate law and governance, capital markets and securities regulations, as well as our
exposure to local and cross-border contractual negotiations, has strategically positioned City Legal to be able to
provide its clients with practical assistance in M&A, structuring and restructuring transactions, with a view to
reaching timely and successful completion.