City Legal provides consultancy on regulating one’s residency in Malta and assists with issues relating to Immigration Law. We advise on various immigration programmes and residency schemes introduced in Malta from time to time offered to suit the various needs – be they related to employment in Malta or wherever applicable to the intention to relocate and set themselves up as a family unit in Malta.

Should one be eligible to acquire citizenship under the various legal provisions or programmes available, we can guide our clients, accordingly facilitating the process as much as possible. Individuals and/or families interested in applying for Maltese Citizenship under the Maltese Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) can do so in accordance with the rules governing the Programme.

Our partners and associates can guide you through the relevant residency and/or citizenship programmes, presenting these for your consideration, indicating your chances of presenting a successful application to the local authority, and assisting you with the formalities involved as part of the application process for the programme identified to be the most suited to your circumstances, including with preparing and checking the required supporting documentation.

In line with this field of practice, our partners and associates can also guide you on the legal and tax status applicable upon taking up residency or acquiring citizenship.