City Legal’s lawyers have, over the years, acquired a detailed understanding of fiduciary structures, and may
assist clients in identifying adequate solutions for their wealth management and estate planning strategies
through the setting up of trusts and, or foundations, depending on the circumstances at hand.

Maltese legislation– rooted in the country’s British colonial heritage – caters for a variety of trusts and
foundations. These may be resorted to for differing reasons. While said structures may be utilised commercially
in, for example, securitisation transactions and investment schemes, trusts and foundations are typically opted
for to assist in one’s familial matters, such as for the purposes of succession planning in the case of unexpected
illness or death. This ensures a comforting degree of asset protection and, consequently, security. Trusts and
foundations may also be implemented for the purposes of asset structuring and restructuring, embedded against
a strong fundament of confidentiality, which tends to be one of our clients’ greatest concerns in these scenarios.

City Legal is available to assist with:
– the set-up and authorisation of suited trust structures and foundations;
– the formation of fiduciary arrangements;
– the drawing up or review of escrow agreements;
– security trusts;
– representing clients in court proceedings involving trusts and foundations;
– general regulatory advice and ongoing compliance assistance to corporate or individual trustees,
administrators of foundations, as well as other fiduciaries.